Lao traditional food dishes such as Spicy Lao String Bean Salad (Tum Mak Thua; ຕຳໝາກຖົ່ວຍາວ), Grilled Chicken (Ping Kai; ປິ້ງໄກ່), and Roasted Tomato Chutney (Jeow Mak Len; ແຈ່ວໝາກເລັ່ນ) for breakfast in Champasak, Laos.

lao food in champasak

tum mak thua

grilled chicken

tomato chutney

water spinach

ping kai

There were plenty of steamed Water Spinach (Ipomoea aquatica; water morning glory; Pak bong; ຜັກບົ້ງ) and fresh steamed sticky rice (Khao Niao; ເຂົ້າໜຽວ) served alongside the main dishes.