We didn’t stay too long at Patouxay Monument because we were called home for dinner. After dinner, my aunt took my parents and I to do some shopping at the Lao International Trade Exhibition and Convention Center (Lao-ITECC). It was Sunday and the last day of some sort of trade convention.

Lao clothes at Lao-ITECC

Lao clothes at Lao-ITECC

Lao clothes at Lao-ITECC

Lao clothes at Lao-ITECC

My mother was busy looking for clothes to take back as gifts for family members and friends. When my aunt told my mother about the owner of the clothing store was a daughter of my mother’s friend, it made her spend more money. I wouldn’t mind wearing some of the above dresses.

My aunt on the other hand was looking for a good bargain on silver jewelry for her daughter. My cousin has recently came back from a university in Thailand. She graduated with an accounting degree and was about to start working for Tango mobile company the next day.

Lao jewelry at Lao-ITECC

Lao jewelry at Lao-ITECC

She bought a set of necklace with ear rings and bracelet right before closing and after a great deal of bargaining talk with the seller.

Lao jewelry at Lao-ITECC

Most people that I know like to buy jewelry when they go to Laos. I am not into wearing jewelry unless I have to for special occasions and didn’t buy anything. Instead, I searched for Lao books to bring back but was not able to find any that worth spending money on.

The next time I am in Laos I will buy some jewelry for myself. If nothing else, then it is to my support of Lao’s economy. 🙂



  1. where can I order some silver jewelry and laos clothes

  2. Hi May,

    I don’t know where you can order your stuff online. There are some sites selling Lao silk skirts that you can check out. Just do a search on Google.

  3. I don’t know where you can order the Lao clothing but you can get some of the traditional Lao jewelry online at http://www.orijyn.com. My husband works with a school in Laos and they have a handcraft division that works with some silversmiths.

  4. I love our tradition customs and jewelery…

  5. I want to know where I can get the name of the store for the jewelery, the one set of the silver in this site.

  6. Sabaidee Sengmaly,

    There is no name of the store. It was a booth set up at Lao-ITECC for a week. There are plenty of jewelry stores in Laos that sell pretty much the same or similar items.

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