Sai Ua Som (Soured Pork Sausage) and Sai Krok Waan (Sweet Sausage) for breakfast in Vientiane, Laos. I bought the sausages at Vientiane Organic Market to try out. The man selling the ready to eat food items had a table full of various dried goods and processed food from Champassak Province.

Pakse sausages

sticky rice

pickled mustard green

Jeow Maak Len

I also bought Som Phak Kard (Pickled Mustard Green) from the market to go with the Sai Ua Som and Sai Krok Waan sausages. One of my aunts made Jeow Maak Len (Spicy Tomato Chutney) and steamed sticky rice for a complete meal.



  1. I found my home! Thank you for sharing these recipes with me especially the jeow bowg.

  2. Hi Danni,

    You are much welcome. Thank you for your visit. I hope to record more of my aunt’s cooking when I go to Laos the next time.

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