After visiting the relatives, paying respects to my deceased Great Grandmother, and offering food and drinks to the monks at the family’s temple it was time for lunch. My uncle told my aunt to make a stop at his favorite place in Ban Keun, Saengarun Restaurant. According to my uncle, this is where they make the best Larb Dip (Raw Larb Beef) in the entire province of Vientiane.

minced beef salad

herbs and vegetables for larb
thua ngork

My uncle lives in the USA and during the winter months he would travel to Laos and stay there for three to four months, hiding from the cold weather and enjoying good old Lao Food daily. Most of his time is spent looking for good eats and he would visit Seangarun on a regular basis for lunch or dinner.

lao beef soup

grilled beef in laos

My uncle ordered Larb Dip, Ping Sien (BBQ Beef) while my parents ordered Larb Souk (Cooked Larb Beef). While my parents were busy talking to my aunt and uncle, I went to check out the open kitchen and the status of our meal. One of the lady was busy making Larb Dip for my uncle while another lady was checking meat on the grill.

beef larb

I asked them if I could take a few photos before heading back to the table to wait for the cooked version of the Larb.