On October 16, 2008 I met with the fifth grade teacher and also the superintendent of Houay Laou Elementary School and visited fifth graders during their activity time. The students either read, paint or draw or do arts and crafts during activity time. For this particular day, it was reading time using the Book Box Library.

For the second part of the activity, the students were taking turn to tell their classmates what their read and whether or not if there was a moral lesson in the story.

The superintendent told me the books are being used by both the students and the villagers. Students and anyone in the village is allowed to borrow the books from the school’s book box for a few days.The Book Box Library was not so full during my visit to the school because some of the books were borrowed by the students and the villagers.

After reading activity it was morning break for the students at Houaylao Elementary School. Some of the students were so shy to be near my camera. But those little girls from the kindergarten class were not afraid to strike a pose for me.