Homemade Minced Fish Salad (Koy Pa ກອ້ຍປາ) and Fish Soup (Kaeng Pa ແກງປາ) served with vegetables on the side. This is one dish that everyone in my family can agree on eating. Usually when my mother makes Khua Mie, my father would not care for it and would have Pon Pa instead. But when it comes to Laap Pa and Koy Pa, all of us would take part in cooking the meal and doing our own part like washing herbs and vegetables or cleaning the fish.

Lao Food Koy Pa

Lao Food Fish Soup

Vegetables for Koy Pa

My youngest sister loves it when we have a fish with eggs. She would be diving into a bowl of soup so fast than any of us for a scoop of fish eggs. She would also eat the fish head while my brother and I would look on in amazement.