It was last day of my trip in Pakse, Laos. I had to return to Vientiane to pick up my parents at Wattay International Airport. I got up early as usual. After breakfast, Aunt Kiane and I went to Grand-Mama’s temple to make donation for the village festival. Grand-Mama was happy to know that I donated a certain amount of money in her name. Her house is not so far from the temple so for the next three days she will hear her name among other donors through the loud speakers.

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After lunch, it was time for us to go grocery shopping at Pakse New Market (Talat Dao Heuang). My aunts wanted to buy various Lao food items and other souvenirs to take back to Vientiane.

When visiting Pakse, Lao food products such as Pickled Fish (Som Pa; ສົ້ມປາ) and Fermented Fish Sauce (Padaek; Padek; ປາແດກ) are at the top of Food Souvenirs list to take back as gifts for relatives in Vientiane.