Here are samples of the Lao Food dishes available at the evening market by the national circus center in Vientiane, Laos. My cousin and I made a visit to this evening market a couple of times to buy a few dishes and soy milk to take home for dinner.

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My parents didn’t seem to mind that we bought some street food to feed them on the first night. They even said that it was delicious. I had a feeling though that my father was counting the hour until he can get on a flight to Pakse so he can have his Larb Pa Tong, Kaeng Kee Lek, and Ant Egg Soup with chicken or pretty much anything with ant eggs.



  1. Hi, Darly!
    Where is this evening market located at exactly? Do you see lot of farangs at this market? Sound like a good place to grab a cooked food.  I wouldn’t mind eating at this place everyday.

  2. Hi Dallas,

    It’s not the Talat Leng (evening market at Nong Duang) that I know of back in the 80’s but this is just a small market at an intersection by National Cirus Place at Chommani. You know Phone Thong Chommani?

    There were not much Farangs that I saw but this place is well known to tourists that often like to make a visit.

  3. The name is not familiar with me.  I don’t remember my parents ever mentioning it either. Looking at all the food makes me hungry.

  4. is this the small night market that is near the national stadium downtown?

  5. @Dallas: Phontong Chommani is not too far from That Luang temple. Only a few minutes by car and we went walking at 6:00 AM at That Luang ground all the time. I’m not very good with direction. But perhaps you heard of Phontong prison? Phontong Chomani is like 10 minutes by car to Wattay Airport. I know what you mean about the various delicious Lao dishes. It was too warm when I was in Laos from February to March even in Luang Prabang it was in the high 30s so I didn’t get to eat much Lao food and I mostly drank liquid and ate fruits. Now I’m hungry just looking at the food photos. I will have to lose lots of weight before I go to Laos the next time so I can pig out, LOL.

  6. @Champa: No, it’s not by the national stadium downtown.

  7. I left Laos when I was little. So I don’t know the name of many places or their locations. My playground is along the Mekong from Don Chan to Tala Sao and that is about it.
    From what you described on the condition of the weather, it doesn’t look like it ever get cold. At least not cool enough for us coming from colder climate.

  8. No, it doesn’t ever get rea cold in Vientiane, one of my gripes during the 3+ years we lived there. But at timess, it can get hot, up to 41 degrees C, not very pleasant when you don’t have airco
    Thanks for those pictures, I opened them up and the food looks yummy!

  9. Yes, it’s no fun when the plane landed and you’re hit in the face with 36 degrees temperature during the dry winter months in Luang Prabang. Many Lao people are saying there is no such thing as cold months anymore and it’s all about the heat and they are doing their best to survive the heat with no AC.

    Electricity is quite expensive in Laos and we only turn on the AC when we can’t take it anymore.

    They moved the night market to the back of the building now as of last month. I love checking out the local markets and can’t get enough of it.

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