After we left Grand-Mama’s room, we ran into her doctor who is also a friend of uncle Khao. We had a chat about her status at the entrance of the hospital. Uncle Khao then got a call from his relatives asking us to drop by and show support for his BBQ Restaurant.

There were plenty of food stalls set up for Boun Lai Heua Fai Nam in a few hours surrounding the restaurant. We picked out a few Khao Larm to go with the Ping Ped (BBQ duck).

Ping Ped

Ping Ped

street food pakse

khao larm in Pakse Laos


I’m not a fan of Ping Ped and only ate Khao Larm. I then spent my time looking for Kathong to take to the Mekong River later. I selected one that stood out and was just perfect for me to make a wish on behalf of my Grand-Mama.

loy kathong in pakse

When we saw the sun was going down and the road was starting to be blocked for the candlelight parade, we decided to head home and get ready for Boun Lai Heau Fai Nam.