An afternoon treat with Khanom Chan in Vientiane, Laos. This is no doubt my favorite Khanom next to Khanom Kok. Every time I see Khanom Chan or Khanom Kok, it reminds me of the time as a kid Laos. My mother was a doctor at Mahosot Hospital. Back then in the 1980s, the government only paid salary with a ration of rice so my mother was working three jobs. In the early morning hours she would make house visit to her patients living near That Luang Market. It was a way for her to make a living outside of her daily job, next to running a pharmacy booth at the Morning Market.

Many of her patients make a living as merchants along the road to That Luang Market. I can recall standing outside one lady’s home watching her making Khanom Chan to sell at the market. Then a few meters down it was another family making Kanom Kok using an old fashion grinding machine.

Then in the evening I would go to the market with my mother to help carry the grocery after she makes her routine visits to her patients. She would reward me by asking me to select a piece of Khanom for myself and for my siblings. My first choice would be Khanom Chan. When one of the Khanom seller is a patient of my mother, then I would get an extra free one.