Today is Earth Day and a good time to start thinking about protecting our world in our own ways. Plant a tree is a popular activity to do on Earth Day. But you don’t have to wait for Earth Day to take an action. A simple but effective change in your life style can make a great difference. Here is a list of few things you can do for Mother Nature as a start.

1. Make a commitment to daily recycling and minimizing your trash. You can sort out your paper, plastic, glass, and aluminum and take them to your nearest recycling center.

2. Using CFL light bulbs, or compact flourescent lamp will make your home green friendly. CFL light bulb uses 75% less energy so you can save money while being kind to Mother Nature since 1 CFL light equals 10 incandescent lamp.

3. Donating your old clothes is a good way to help those less fortunate while reducing garbage.

Take care of Mother Nature and she will take care of you.