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Hamachi Christmas Menu

I was under a weather last week and was not eating or drinking much of anything. For Christmas Dinner, I wanted to make Fish Fondue and was looking forward to a big pot of fish and vegetables. However, I was not recovering fast enough from my illness and was feeling […]

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Dutch Crocus before lunch

I saw more Dutch crocus today during my walk at the local park. I have not been back to this park since Friday the 13th. The yellow Dutch crocus flowers are making taking up as much space as the purple ones. I can’t wait to see the spring crocus in […]

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Dinner at Hamachi Restaurant in Schiedam

I had a really good dining experience at Hamachi Restaurant for Thanksgiving dinner last year and decided to go back for a second round of great food. I took Johan out for dinner on Sunday and tried the Sushi and Sashimi Menu. I chose Fried Tofu Soup and Selected Sashimi […]

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Dutch Crocus on Friday the 13th

The sun was shining on Friday the 13th and I went for my walk at the local park as the last route of the day. It gave me a chance to check and see if there are more Dutch crocus in blooms. I was not disappointed but didn’t stay too […]

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Daffodil on Friday the 13th

I found plenty of Daffodil in full bloom along my walking path today. I noticed the yellow flowers a few days ago as I was on my way to the dental hygienist’s office. As soon as I got my teeth nice and clean, I went walking for an hour afterward […]

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