Most people I know in Laos would prepare three daily meals. A family eat breakfast together before heading to work, school or to the rice field. Lunch is as important as dinner when a working parent and children go home for a meal.

A mother is always busy in the kitchen to prepare food for her family. Even if breakfast means having left-over food from previous night, she would still have to get up early to cook sticky rice for the Morning Alms Offering to the monks and for breakfast.

Lao Food - Tom Yum Pa

Lao Food - Fried Vegetable

Lao Food - Fried Squid

Lao Food - Chili Dipping Sauce

For today’s lunch it was fish soup, fried squid, fried vegetable and dipping sauce for one family in Luang Prabang. It was a good meal when all the members of the family came together to enjoy freshly made food and share with one another of their day so far before heading back to work and school.