Thidalad Vongsili

Miss Laos 2011

Live broadcast of Miss Laos 2011 Beauty Pageant on Lao Star Channel. I sat through the entire program and ate a bowl of Pho for lunch a few minutes before the show started. My cousins were there at Don Chan Palace for the live viewing experience.

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Miss Laos 2011 Finalist Contestants

The commercial for Miss Laos 2011 Finalist Contestants broadcast on Lao Star Channel. The video introduces the 20 finalists from various provinces of Laos. The girls are dressed in beautiful Lao traditional clothing sponsored by major Lao silk shops in the capital of Laos.

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Video Games

I’m chilling at home and listening to music on Spotify. I’ve been playing Video Games by Lana Del Rey for like 10 times tonight and still can’t get enough of her.

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The British Royal Wedding 2011

If you didn’t wake up in time to watch the live broadcast of the wedding of the century then it’s a good thing that we have Youtube with all the highlights of Prince William and Kate Middleton. It was also a good historical moment to witness how the social media […]

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If You Believe

I’m doing spring cleaning of my sites again and listening to SkyRadio Love Songs. The station has been playing quite a few songs I’ve heard during my summer months staying on a farm in the Netherlands back in 1999. I can still remember listening to this song and many others […]

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