After buying Miang Muang Luang, Lao green papaya salad, and a few sausages, I went looking for dessert (ອາຫານຫວານ; ຂອງຫວານ) to have after dinner.

I was having a craving for Sangkaya with purple sticky rice but didn’t find any and settled for Sangkaya Fak Thong or Pumpkin Custard and Kanom Kok.

Sangkhaya Mak Eeu

sticky rice in banana leaf

Lao sweet treat

Lao sweet treat

Lao sweet treat

lao dessert

grilled coconut cakaes

There were many choices to choose from along the food alley and I wanted to buy Nam Varn and few other Khanom. In the end, I decided to get Khao Nom Kok and Pumkin Custard since I was watching my weight, lol.