When I visited friends or relatives in Luang Prabang, Laos, I was always invited to join them for lunch or dinner. I was taught by my elders that it is impolite to say no when a friend or relative invited me to share a meal with them.

 ຍຳສະຫຼັດ ຍຳຜັກສະຫຼັດ

tam mak thua

lao fried chicken

som phak kard

steamed fish

thua pou

For lunch today, I was invited by a friend for lunch and to catch up with one another. We shared Luang Prabang Salad (Yum Salad Luang Prabang; ຍຳສະຫຼັດ ຫຼວງພະບາງ), spicy yardlong beans salad (Tam Mak Thua; ຕຳໝາກຖົ່ວຍາວ), fried chicken (Tod Gai; Tod Kai; ທອດ​ໄກ່), pickled mustard greens (Som Phak Kad; ສົ້ມຜັກກາດ), and Naep Pa.