April is the perfect time to be in Laos. On April 09, 2011, the biggest event of the year will take place in Vientiane. The grand event I am talking about is no other than The 2nd Annual Lao Music Awards and I want to be in a beautiful gown and take part in the festivity. The First Annual Lao Music Awards held in 2008 was a great success and there is no doubt this grand event will be a big talk of the town afterward.

Please check out the Press Release below and visit the Official Website of Lao Music Awards for more information.


Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR – 21 Feb 2011: Beautifully-lighted, with a stage embellished by fresh-scented flowers, which also featured a 2-meter high golden replica of the Lao Music Awards Trophy, decorated with sponsor-logo laden photoshoot backdrops, the Lao Plaza Grand Ballroom was the perfect place to host the Official LMA2 Press Conference.

Guest attendants from the Government-Party included Mr. Xaysavath Singnamvong, Director General of the Performing Arts Department, Mr. Khamla Nakhavong, President of the Association of Picture and Sound Producers, LMA2 sponsor representatives, artists and record labels and organizing committee staff.

“Under the effective leadership of the Ministry and Association and thanks to our generous sponsors, we are ready to host the 2nd Annual Lao Music Awards. And it will be the biggest event this year,” Viroun Sengdara, Managing Director of Sengdara Communications, said in the press conference. Mr. Viroun also stated that other undecided sponsors still have the opportunity to be a part of this momentous event.

“Road shows, red carpet parties, music festivals, fantastic performances and nationwide exposure shall ensure that this event shall unfold the best way that it can,” he says.

Sengdara Communications, a leading advertising/event organizer agency, hosted the first-ever Lao Music Awards in 2008 at the National Culture Hall in Vientiane Capital. It was a nationally televised, star-studded show, packing a powerful punch of light humor and entertainment, incredible performances, and Facebook trend-setting moments.

Photos and info are courtesy from Sengdara Communications Ltd.